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How the Hospice is Funded

As a charity, we make no charge for our services but rely on our own fundraising efforts and a modest contribution from the NHS. This enables us to provide support to patients and their families according to their individual needs

 How much does it cost to run the Hospice
  • £3,872,622 per year
  • £10,610 per day
  • £422 per hour
  • £7.37 per minute

Below is a summary of the Hospice's audited accounts showing how we raise the money to run the hospice and how it is spent. For a more detailed summary of our audited accounts and review of the work that we did last year please click here  


For each £1 received by the Willowbrook Hospice charity, 90p goes on providing and supporting direct patient care and 10p is reinvested in our Fundraising Team to raise the next £1.

Financial Reserves

It is prudent for a charity like ours, whose income is uncertain, to hold reserves to provide financial stability to sustainably deliver the services that we provide.

At the end of the year, as at the 31st March 2015, the Hospice had net realisable reserves of £899,307 which on current expenditure represents 2.78 months of running costs and after deducting restricted funds of £184,043, represents 2.21 months of running costs 

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