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About Us

Willowbrook Hospice is an Independent Charity established in 1993 by a group of local people to raise funds to build and run a Specialist Palliative Care Unit.


The Hospice is located in Prescot, close to the communities that it serves, and cares for patients with life limiting diseases living in St Helens, Knowsley and the surrounding areas.

Who provides your care

Opened in 1997, the Hospice is governed by a Board of Trustees, Chaired by Alan Chick and run on a day to day basis by Neil Wright, the Chief Executive, an experienced management team, 112 staff and over 480 volunteers.The hospice could not function without the valuable contribution of our volunteers.

The clinical team is led by Dr Anthony Thompson, Interim Medical Director, supported by Chris Haywood, the Registered Manager and Director of Clinical Services. Together, with their teams, they are responsible for delivering the Hospice’s five main services, the In-patient, DayTherapy, Out Patient, Psychosocial services and Advance Care Planning Team.

Our Services

We have 12 in-patient beds, hold weekly out-patient clinics and are registered for up to 60 day therapy places a week. Although approximately 76% of our patients have cancer we treat other life limiting diseases such as motor neurone disease, end stage heart failure, renal failure.

Since the Hospice opened in 1997, we have cared for over 7500 patients. During that time our services have grown so much that we now receive over 1100 patient referrals a year.

We work very closely in partnership with the local health care community to improve the quality of people’s lives living with their illness . We liaise with the Hospital Specialist Palliative Care Team, the Community Specialist Palliative Care Team and the local Primary Care Teams, which includes local GPs and district nurses

We provide care for patients at the end of their life, but our statistics show that over 50% of our inpatients our discharged back to their preferred place of care, usually home, dispelling the myth that a Hospice is just a place where you go to die.

Since the hospice opened in 1997, we have cared for over 7500 patients. During that time our services have grown so much that we now receive over 1100 patient referrals a year.

The Hospice has an important remit in leading and delivering an integrated Palliative Care Education programme to all healthcare professionals in the locality to ensure that patients are cared for in the best possible way in their preferred place of care, wherever that setting may be.  


As a Charity, we make no charge for our services, but rely on our own fundraising efforts and a modest contribution from the NHS. This enables us to provide support to patients and their families according to their individual needs.

Our care is free to patients but is not free to provide. Last year, it cost £3.873m to run the Hospice. We are part funded by the NHS who make a contribution of approximately a third towards our running costs. This means that we have to rely on generous donations from the public and our own fundraising efforts to raise the other two thirds.


We have a Fundraising office in St Helens town centre on Claughton Street and a separate Trading company which runs the Willowbrook Hospice Lottery and our eleven Charity shops, two situated in St Helens, and other shops in Thattoheath, Earlstown, Rainford, Fingerpost, Prescot, Clockface, Page Moss, Dovecote and a small shop in the Hospice foyer selling new goods. We also have a large 7500 square feet donation warehouse and distribution centre in Sutton, St Helens, opposite Morrisons supermarket.

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