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Day Therapy Unit

The aim of Day Therapy is to help patients to continue to live well in the comfort of their own home, by empowering them to have better symptom control, and so improving their quality of life.

Key Members of the Team

Our Day Therapy staff are part of a multi professional team consisting of medical and nursing staff, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, social worker, complementary therapist, creative therapist, chaplain and an army of regular Day Therapy volunteers.

Referral Procedure

Referrals to our Day Therapy unit are made by any care professional involved in a patient’s care. If you feel we can be of any help, please contact your GP or nominated district nurse.

Attendance Criteria

Day Therapy accommodates 12 patients a day and takes place on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Patients normally attend Day Therapy one particular day a week, between 9.30 am and 3.30 pm, usually for about 10 – 12 weeks

Our Day therapy service does not just deal with pain and symptom control but it also helps patients to address fears, anxieties and worries that they may have about what they are facing. They are also able to meet and share experiences with other patients who are facing similar challenges.

Our patients are introduced to various techniques, which are tailored to their individual needs to help them take greater control over their condition and as a consequence give them more control over their lives

Day Therapy offers

  • Nursing support
  • Medical Review and advice when needed
  • Complementary Therapy
  • Creative Therapies
  • Physiotherapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Pastoral support
  • Access to Social Services
  • Access to Welfare Rights
  • Opportunity to discuss worries and concerns in a relaxed and safe environment
Breathlessness Management

We offer specific support for Patients and their carers on how to cope with breathlessness. This is facilitated by our Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapist. Patients and/or carers attend on a weekly basis for 3 weeks.

Topics covered include

  • Breathlessness techniques
  • Anxiety Management
  • Exercise
  • Energy Conservation
Discharge Planning

Individual programmes are planned around the needs of our patients and a plan is agreed with patients when they are first assessed. Patients normally spend a few weeks to a few months with us depending on their needs. Care plans are reassessed on an on-going basis when patients attend each week and we ensure measures are put in place to enable them to live comfortably at home.

Day Therapy staff liaise closely with other professionals involved in the patient’s care e.g. GP’s, District Nurses, Community Nurse Specialists, Social Workers etc to ensure patients and their families/carers are well supported and all their needs are met whilst at home.

Carer Support

Care and support for patients, family and carers is of the utmost importance to us at Willowbrook Hospice. We encourage family and carers to accompany their loved one when they first attend Day Therapy so they can be included in any plans that are made.

Family and carers are encouraged to take an active part in the patient's care. We will try and provide as much information as we can to enable everyone to make informed choices where ever possible.

The Day Therapy Team is always pleased to be at hand to discuss a patient’s progress, and provide help and support when needed.

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