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Bereavement Support

After the death of a loved one, Willowbrook Hospice recognises that some people may need extra support to help them come to terms with their loss.

Most people rely on support from friends and family. But friends and family can also be grieving so it can help to receive outside support.

Who can have bereavement support?

The Hospice can provide support to anyone connected to the patient who has died – whether that is a friend, family member, carer or partner. We usually send a letter to the main carer within eight weeks of the bereavement to offer bereavement support. However, anyone can refer themselves by contacting the hospice directly.

Individual support is offered by the Family Support Co-ordinator and, where appropriate, the Lead Chaplain. There is also an informal monthly, evening support group where a small number of bereaved people share experiences and support each other. Bereavement volunteers help with the running of the group and coffee and cake are provided. If transport is a problem it can be provided by volunteer drivers.

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