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Anyone undertaking legal decisions should ensure they have all the information available to make appropriate informed decisions.

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Many UK residents proudly donate to charitable causes they are passionate about throughout their lifetime- so why should this have to stop when you die? Leaving a charitable legacy in your Will is a thoughtful gesture that allows you to make an impact on the work of your chosen charity (or several), and it can even reduce your Inheritance Tax liability.
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By choosing to make a Will you can specifically provide for your loved ones. If you die without having made a valid Will then the current law will operate a set of rules, known as the Intestacy Rules, to decide who will benefit from your estate.

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Free wills scheme

Make a Will Online can help you leave a gifts in your will at no cost to you. To make your will online please click here.  Make a Will Online will inform us that a will has been made and if any gift to Willowbrook are included. We would love to say “thank you” so please choose the option to share your name. Qualified solicitors check every document they make and you can ask any questions at no extra cost.

Alternatively see a solicitor – if you already have a solicitor please speak to them and ask them to update your will to include a gift to us.  If you have a large or complicated estate or if you have complex needs – e.g. trust income, property overseas, or dependent relatives – you should also speak to a specialist solicitor. If you have concerns around your mental capacity you should discuss with a solicitor face-to-face. If your estate will be subject to inheritance tax (see here), you should also speak to a solicitor.

You can find a solicitor by going to the Solicitor Regulation Authority website or see above for our partnerships with local solicitors. 

Our full charity details are: “Willowbrook Hospice” charity number 1020240 and our registered office is at Portico Lane, Prescot, Merseyside, L34 2QT.

About our free online wills

We pay for the wills made through our free wills scheme. You can leave an additional cash donation (as well as gifts in your will) to cover the immediate cost to us. Make a Will Online tell us about gifts in your wills made through the free wills scheme. If you don’t want that to happen you can click here to make an online will. Whatever you choose to do – thank you so much!

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