Family Support

Support may be needed throughout the course of a life-limiting illness. 

There are key times when particular support may be required: diagnosis, beginning and end of treatment, recurrence, terminal phase, at time of death and following bereavement.

Our dedicated team ensures that care is given not only to patients but also to those who care for them. The physical, emotional and psychological needs of carers can often be overlooked as carers regard the needs of their loved one as paramount, being reluctant to consider their own needs.

Who is a carer?

Carers can be anyone. Carers are wives, husbands, partners, grandparents, sons, daughters, friends or neighbours. You might not think of yourself as a carer, you might consider yourself as just looking after someone close to you; this means you are a carer.

At Willowbrook, all carers and family members of patients can access Family Support. We take seriously trying to support those who support the patient. We make sure that carers receive care that meets their individual needs, whether this is spiritual, emotional and psychological or practical support. Where those needs cannot be met within the Hospice, we will signpost you or make a referral to other agencies if required.

Family support

Family support is provided by all the Clinical Support team and the wider team of professional staff and trained volunteers.

We provide a listening ear and guidance for patients, their families and young children. If practical worries need addressing, the Palliative Care Social Worker will assess what is required and help put things in place. For those with spiritual or religious needs, the Spiritual Care team and associate chaplains are available.

One to one support or family support is offered and a safe quiet space in which to talk about what is happening to you along with a confidential listening ear is available. Carers may have many difficult decisions and adjustments to make throughout the course of their loved one’s illness.   Advice may be given on caring for yourself without feeling selfish or guilty about it. This will then help you to keep on caring.

Support will normally be offered for individual sessions that last no longer than an hour over a period of time determined by your needs. Sessions take place at the Hospice and at The Living Well. Telephone support is also available if required.

Family Support exists to support the whole family of a patient. This includes children and young people. We will work with parents and carers to help them develop skills to meet their own children’s needs; thus we will aim to support children through their parents. Where indicated we can signpost or refer on to specialist children support teams.

What is Family Liaison?

Family Liaison provides a listening ear for patients and carers known to Willowbrook Hospice. We can help you reflect on your situation and support you in taking action to improve your wellbeing, and the wellbeing of your loved ones.

We can also help you find the correct advice and information on a number of practical, social, financial & legal issues.

If your loved one is known to Willowbrook Hospice and you would like to have some flexible support at a time that suits you, then please do get in touch.

Looking after yourself

As a carer, you realise how important it is to care for yourself in order to be able to care for the person who is unwell. Family Support is available to anyone whose relative is known to Willowbrook Hospice, whether that is through the In-Patient Unit, Outreach Services or the Out-Patient Clinics. This support can begin right from the first visit to the hospice and can continue after a loved one dies. 

Getting in touch

You can contact us via Family Liaison on 0151 430 8736 ext. 3521 or speak to a member of our Outreach Services on 0151 430 8736 ext. 3554/3555 or 3520