Palliative & End of Life Care Resource Team (PECRT)

Palliative & End of Life Care and Resource Team (PECRT)

Is a specialist MDT  resource hosted by Willowbrook Hospice to support primarily Nursing homes but also other secondary and tertiary care groups – particularly diverse and hard to reach groups that may provide palliative and end of life care (EOLC).

The objective of Willowbrook is to provide free, specialist palliative care through the expertise of our multi professional and multi skilled team. We aim to:

  • Enhance and improve quality of the care for palliative and end of life patients/service users wherever they are being cared for through education.
  • Increased external awareness and confidence of advance care planning and documentation.
  • Support others to recognise the signs when someone maybe dying or approaching EOL
  • Enhance gold standard of care and practice
  • Contribute to collaborative working between agencies 
  • Raise awareness of holistic care
  • Maximise the contribution towards the development of workforces
  • Provide resources and support for external organisations to prepare, plan, care and support those who are diagnosed with terminal illness or dying. 

For further information please contact our Palliative & end of life care resource team on: