Work Experience

Work Experience

At Willowbrook we are happy to offer a variety of work experience roles within our organisation that can help benefit you, the community as well as our patients.

Would you like to socialise? Meet new people and make friends? To feel valued and be a part of a team? To gain insight and experience of a working environment?

If the answer is “Yes” we have the opportunities within our administrative teams and our retail outlets whereby you could gain valuable insight, knowledge and experiences that will help increase your skill set, confidence and capabilities. Customer service skills, IT, accounting, stock rotation and control, data analysis and presentation, communication, research, all these skills and more will enhance your CV and improve your employment prospects.

Willowbrook are also staunch supports of the Duke of Edinburgh scheme. Willowbrook can and will help you on your path to the award! 

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For further information please give Ian or Bev (our volunteering team) a call on 01744 453798