Hospice 3D tour

Hospice 3D tour

When people first visit Willowbrook they are often surprised. We often hear them say ‘we never knew it was like this‘ or ‘it’s so light and bright, it seems a really happy place‘. 

A part of our work at Willowbrook is to change perceptions around who we are and what it is that we do.

It is important everyone knows Willowbrook Hospice is not just somewhere that people come to die but actually, it is a place that supports and enables them to live, well, happy and in comfort, peace and contentment.

Working with Nosy Marketing, we have created a 3D virtual tour to help patients, families and visitors learn more about the hospice and see what life at Willowbrook is all about.

Simply click the image below to view a doll’s house view of the hospice. You can zoom into different areas and use the directional arrows to take a journey around. To return to the doll’s house view, click the icon in the left-hand corner.