Compassionate Neighbours

Free service and open to the areas of St Helens and Knowsley.

How can we support you?

Our Compassionate Neighbour volunteers are fully trained to provide their time, companionship and support to people living in their community. We can match someone to support you according to your likes, hobbies, interests and location. There are no charges made for our service, but donations are always welcomed to support the vital work of Willowbrook Hospice.

Compassionate Neighbours service is a FREE service and open to the areas of St Helens and Knowsley

Emotional Support

e.g. listening ear, reminiscing

Practical Support

e.g. light housework, walking a dog, making a light meal, taking to appointment

Company Companionship

e.g. being with, allowing carers/family to go to the hairdressers, meet a friend, go to the shop

Making Connections

e.g. helping to use technology such as FaceTime, accessing virtual groups


e.g. finding special interest groups, info on claiming benefits / accessing health services

Would you like a Compassionate Neighbour?

If you live in St Helens or Knowsley with poor health or frailty due to long term or terminal illness or are feeling lonely or isolated please get in touch.

How do I do this?

Whilst we are able to do a lot for you unfortunately our compassionate neighbours are unable to…

To request a Willowbrook Compassionate Neighbour, please complete the webform below.


"The Compassionate Neighbour volunteer has helped me to enjoy some freedom, allowing me to visit places I could not before, I am not sure how I could ever repay this service."
"I think this service is priceless to the lonely and vulnerable."
"I have benefitted from this service, it has made a positive effect on my life and could be very beneficial to so many other people."