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We have our own Hospice Lottery! Join today with the chance of winning up to £10,000!
Playing our lottery is a fantastic way to help support the work we do at the Willowbrook Hospice. Plus there’s the added bonus of having a chance to win one of our great cash prizes! Over the last 25 years our lottery has raised over £10m in funding and we have given away £3.44m in prizes to our fantastic and wonderful members. So why not become a member? Give your support to Willowbrook and, if your numbers come in, get something in return! All it costs is £1 per week!

Every Thursday, 52 weeks of the year, our lottery computer randomly selects the winning lottery numbers.

There are 85 weekly cash prizes up for grabs including a first prize of £1000 and a rollover prize of up to £10,000. If the rollover number is not selected then we pay out 84 prizes that week and the rollover amount moves into the next draw and is increased by £200. The rollover prize reaches £10,000, the computer is programmed to ensure the prize is definitely won that week.


How the rollover works

The £200 weekly rollover has a % chance of being won set within the lottery software we use to run the weekly draw. As the rollover has a % chance of being won, it could be won in any week as long as the member is in credit. If the rollover amount gets up to the maximum £10,000, it will revert to be a guaranteed prize that week. The current rollover amount is updated on our website after each weekly draw. In 2020 there were 5 rollover winners during the year with the highest prize being £3800. The Highest amount so far that the rollover has achieved and been won was £8600.

If you are a winner, we will send the cheque by post. All the winning numbers are put on this website each week and are advertised in the St Helens Star every two weeks.

Keeping Your Information Safe

Willowbrook Hospice will look after any personal information that you share with us.

We want everyone who supports us to feel confident about how any personal information they share will be looked after or used.

Read about this here.

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Mobile phone Free prize draw T&C's

Sign up today to be entered into the draw to win a Samsung A20e.

Sign up to our Willowbrook Hospice lottery, take out another number or change your subscription to Direct debit and you will be entered into a draw to win a Smart Phone for the month you entered or changed. 

A local company is supporting us with this raffle draw and are donating a mobile phone a month. 

These terms and conditions relate to new members that have signed up to the lottery in one calendar month.

OR existing members that take out another membership number.

OR existing members that change their subscriptions to pay by Direct Debit.

Raffle Terms and Conditions

A lady from Billinge was extremely shocked when she received a phone call to say she has won the rollover prize of £5800. She joined one day in 2019 when our canvassers knocked on her door to tell her about the good work of Willowbrook and asked if she wanted to join. She is so glad she signed up as she can now do home improvements with her winnings.

First lucky 2021 rollover winner - Billinge, St Helens

What happens next?

Each lottery player is allocated a unique 5 digit lottery number. The only numbers that go into the draw the lottery numbers that have been paid for each week. 

Winners are selected by a random number generator in our lottery software (combase), which is fully licensed and regulated by the gambling commission to ensure the draw is run legally and fairly. The combase random number generator had been independently  tested, using a variety of industry-standard statistical test and carried out by an independent gambling commission approved test house.

There is no need to claim if you have won a prize. Any winnings will be sent out automatically by post, normally within 10 working days draw. There may be some delays in sending out prizes during the Covid pandemic. All the winning numbers are put on this website each week and are advertised in the St Helens star every two weeks. 

Any uncashed cheques, unclaimed prizes will be taken as a donation to the hospice after 6 months.

Important information

Willowbrook Hospice Lottery is registered with The Gambling Commission promoted by Willowbrook Hospice. All proceeds are donated by Deed of Covenant to Willowbrook Hospice which is a Registered Charity No. 1020240.

Promoter: Willowbrook Hospice, Portico Lane, Prescot, L34 2QT.