Thank You Rachel

We wanted to share a lovely story with you.

Rachel is a Willowbrook Volunteer and one of our Compassionate Neighbours, and has built a lovely friendship with our service user Janice. Janice had not left her house for 5 years until she met Rachel.

Rachel visited Janice on a regular basis and gradually her trust was gained and she ventured out of her home on short car journeys around the area.

We are so happy to hear that Janice has found the confidence to now attend one of our Chatty Cafes, something which she would never have done before without the support of Rachel.

Rachel said: “I have really enjoyed being a Compassionate Neighbour, it has been really rewarding. Janice and I have enjoyed many afternoons out sampling plenty different types of tea and cake! Janice has been so grateful, simple and small gestures have made a huge difference to her life. I would highly recommend to anyone who’s thinking about it to give it a go, it’s been a lovely experience!”

Thank you so much Rachel, we are really delighted this has been such a positive experience for you both!

Compassionate Neighbour Volunteers are fully trained to provide their time, companionship and support to people living in their community. We can match someone to support you according to your likes, hobbies, interests and location. There are no charges made for our service, but donations are always welcomed to support the vital work of Willowbrook Hospice.

We would like to also thank Rachel’s employer, Tim Nuttall, at Quintessential Brands (our local gin distillery), for giving her the opportunity to be flexible with her hours so that she can volunteer.

If you would like to make a difference to peoples lives in your local community, or would like to find out more about becoming a Compassionate Neighbour Volunteer, pop to our website:

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To donate £5, text HELPWILLOWBROOK to 70450.