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“I visited a charity shop sale and was not expecting what I found”

Aaliyah Rugg, Senior Reporter for the Liverpool Echo visited our Rainhill shop and reported that she had found some incredible bargains when I visited the shop.

“I hold my hands up and say I’m guilty of shopping online far more than I should, opting for the quickness and ease rather than tackling the shops. But even when I do go clothes shopping, I’ve never actually thought about checking the charity shops.

Of course, I’ve heard that charity shops can be filled with bargains and steals, but the idea of rooting through them just to find items would put me off. But when I saw a sale at the Willowbrook Hospice fundraising shop in Rainhill, I thought what have I got to lose.

With a poster that read all items of clothing were £2 for the weekend (ending at 4pm on Saturday), I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. I’ve donated to many charity shops before, but actually taking the time to have a nose wasn’t at all what I expected.

First of all, the shop was rammed when I went in, which was absolutely lovely to see, and with people of all ages, all having a natter away while they looked. I was pulled into pleasant conversation where I heard that Willowbrook also has pop up shops and a café nearby with plenty of bargains on offer too.

I was actually surprised to see the sheer number of clothing items that were available, covering all sizes and variations. Whether you wanted a summer dress, a casual brunch outfit or office wear, there was something for it all – and for £2 each, you can’t complain.

I never really had an idea of the clothing I wanted to buy, I usually get bored when it comes to clothes shopping, but I found so many items from the likes of Lipsy, Zara and River Island that I just couldn’t resist. In the end I picked up a simple black dress that is ideal for everyday wear and a summery navy dress.

I also picked up a simple, plain grey top originally from Zara and a sparkling green top that was originally from Lipsy. All items were in pretty much perfect condition and you cannot moan for £2 each. And of course I couldn’t leave without walking past the books section just for a little look.

Which actually ended up in me bagging four titles for just £1, not that I need any more books in my to read pile, but you can’t resist a bargain. Of course, on my way back I spotted a flowery dress, originally from Lipsy, elsewhere that was also a steal and I just had to buy it, it made me feel rather summery.

I cannot wait to try all of these on and when out and about will tell people of my bargains. And spending around £10, well you really can’t complain.

All in all, I was not expecting the items I found and I definitely will be visiting more charity shops in the future. I even saw an adorable Percy Pig bag that I wish I had picked up on my way out.”

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