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Our Non Stoppers have raised over £100,000!

We are sure that most of our long time followers and supporters of Willowbrook Hospice will know of our fabulous group of volunteers, affectionately known as The Non Stoppers.

We have totalled up the amount of money they have raised for the hospice, and since the year 2000, they have managed to generate £138,650.79!!! This is absolutely incredible!

The ladies who form the Non Stoppers got together (minus the lovely Rita who was unable to meet), over tea and cake to reminisce over their 23 years of fundraising.

We learnt that Sheila’s husband Eric sadly passed away in 2000, in our hospice. Sheila and her family were so impressed and thankful for the care that not only Eric received, but the family too. They were all treated with so much compassion that they felt it was only right to give back to the hospice. They were so grateful that the care given, was free.

At the time, it cost £3,000 per day to run the hospice. So that was Sheila’s goal, to be able to raise £21,000 for the hospice for all the 7 days that Eric spent there.

She started the fundraising journey by rounding up her sister Rita, neighbours and friends Barbara, Linda, Joyce and Gwen. Together they organised a number of fundraisers locally and as time went by and they carried out more events, word spread!

From race nights, craft stalls to afternoon teas and hotpot suppers, they started to use their local church in Rainhill to host their events instead of their home because of the popularity! Which grew even more and expanded to St John’s Church Hall in Ravenhead.

When Willowbrook Hospice opened up a fundraising office in Claughton Street, the staff asked the ladies to come up with a name for their group.

Sheila had enjoyed a lovely day at the Knowsley Flower Show and was reflecting on her day later on in her own garden, and spotted her rockery full of Non Stop Begonias. These were Eric’s favourite plants, and that was when she came up with their name. This team of wonderful friends, who do not stop all year round! The Non Stoppers.

It took the ladies around 6 years to raise their target of £21,000, which was a massive achievement! But they decided they couldn’t just stop there.

Sheila said “All the fundraising kept me busy; it got me out of the house. If I stopped, I don’t know what I would have done with all my time. I just really enjoy it so decided to carry on. It isn’t me on my own, I am part of a team, we all work really well together and love what we do.”

On behalf of everyone at Willowbrook Hospice, and our local area, thank you to our fabulous team of Non Stoppers. The amount of money raised over the years is phenomenal and has made a huge difference to the running of our hospice.

If you would like to help out like our Non Stoppers, and have some time to spare, we would love to hear from you! Get in touch with our Volunteer Hub on 01744 453798 for a chat!


Due to the current situation with Coronavirus and for the wellbeing of our patients, we kindly ask that all monetary donations are paid direct to our bank account, via online access to Nat West Bank: 

Alternatively, use the DONATE NOW button that appears on each page of our website.

To donate £5, text HELPWILLOWBROOK to 70450.